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Practical placemaking collection | Article

Diversity and inclusion

Authored by William Barker, Martin Ferguson, Diana Rebaza


Digital ethics

Diversity and ethics in society

Examines the impacts of digital technology and data analytics on wider society. Considers acceptability of digital innovations and solutions, human rights and agency, the environmental/energy footprints of digital tools, and wider issue of social inclusion.

Illustration from the cover of the Public Sector Digital Trends report. There are illustrations of a line graph (heading downwards); a woman sitting looking at a laptop screen; a man standing, surrounded by a swirling line that twists around his whole body - he's looking a little puzzled; there's a fingerprint with a padlock; and then a monitor with drawings of buildings on.

Public sector digital trends

Inclusivity and equality – a changing dynamic

Considers new public service approaches and polices to reduce digital exclusion as more complex and far-reaching digital solutions are launched, as well as retaining the essential face-to face contacts when digital services fail.

Digital Accessibility Maturity Assessment

Digital Accessibility Maturity Assessment

Presents a virtual Digital Accessibility Maturity Assessment based on the new standard for digital accessibility, ISO 30071-1. A comprehensive self-assessment of your organisation’s current level of digital accessibility maturity, to complement the assessment of your website accessibility on the Socitm site.


Digital by choice – bridging the digital divide (policy briefing)

Outlines why digital participation matters and how to embrace users’ needs, considers ICT learning support and the key role for local authorities, and draws out a number of policy implications and recommendations.

Digital equality – overcoming inequalities (report)

Provides guidance on how organisations can harness the power of digital technology in ways that are inclusive and that sustain the health and wellbeing of all people in their local communities, as well as their local environments.

Socitm Inform policy briefing: Promoting women in the digital workplace

Promoting women in the digital workplace (policy briefing)

Uses examples of initiatives already implemented in the sector. Sets out how we can transform services to achieve better outcomes through seeking voices from diverse backgrounds and upskilling public sector employees at all levels to be up to the task.

Top five most common accessibility issues

Top five most common accessibility issues (report)

Looks at the key issues that negatively affect assistive technology users’ ability to either navigate through a website, easily find information, or input information into web forms.


Valuing Diversity (Leadership Academy training)

Provides workshop attendees with practical insights into the value diversity brings to a team or organisation. Looks at the many ways diversity can show up within a team and how to harness that diversity to become more effective in achieving success. Examines the difference between equality and inclusion, recognising certain types of unconscious bias and how to avoid them.