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Why Nadira Hussain wants members to learn to lead

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Having been the head of ICT for the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets and then Enfield, she is well-versed in the day-to-day challenges facing public-sector ICT professionals.

Serving as Socitm President in 2015-16 gave her insight into the value of digital responsiveness, adoption and practice with a focus on leadership, workforce development and the political dimension. At Share Leeds in October, Nadira reflected on her first year as our Leadership Development and Research Director.

Nadira’s commitment to bringing the government’s political agenda closer to citizens is the cornerstone of the Leadership Academy. The cultural change necessary to facilitate this is dependent upon extending and championing the skills and potential of our sector’s upcoming influencers and helping them learn to lead. She explains why the Academy is so crucial and so successful – and to look out for what’s happening in 2020.

What can the Leadership Academy offer members?

The unbiased and fair dissemination of information and service accessibility are the pivotal goals for our members. These aren’t defined merely by the parameters of disruptive technology. Instead, they rely upon people with the vision and foresight to lead. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with some remarkable people. Those who have been bold enough to take risks and challenge convention in the pursuit of cultural change. Invariably, these individuals are empathetic and have the affinity and comprehension to appreciate that their ability to effect lasting change is reliant upon building a resilient team with a positive legacy to be passed on.

Reflecting on a recent Top Talent cohort presentation in September

The Top Talent presentations were incredible. They exceeded my expectations and surpassed even my hopes for what the academy can achieve. It was so inspiring to see how far the group had progressed with their individual projects. To have the pleasure of watching people – some of whom have never given a presentation before – delivering their findings so confidently and with such fervour was just so uplifting.

What’s next?

As the academy develops and we continue to receive such positive feedback from our alumni, I feel ever-increasing optimism for our sector and for the people who are reliant upon our services. We hear so much about ‘digital transformation’, as if the concept is possible in isolation of people. What the Leadership Academy is doing is challenging that notion by equipping people with the confidence to manage and thrive upon change.

Through our alumni and development programme, we’re ensuring that a culture of positivity and proactivity is a lasting and impactful one. We have so many exciting developments in the pipeline for the academy in 2020. I can’t wait to share them. This has been a fantastic year. I have no doubt the next 12 months will be – if possible – even better.

The pivotal goals for our members…rely upon people with the vision and foresight to lead.

Our Leadership Academy development programmes are all about harnessing and nurturing individual talent and celebrating the diverse attributes and experience that make effective and impactful leaders. Each of our programmes, developed in partnership with QA Training, helps build delegate’s confidence and centres on collaborating and sharing experiences.

All Leadership Academy graduates are welcome to join us in London on Tuesday 10 December for a festive alumni get together. Stay engaged, motivated and feeling a part of the Socitm ‘family’.

The 2020 schedule is now available Find a programme for you and your colleagues and join the conversation.