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Leadership Academy advocate: Toni Green

Leadership Academy advocate - Toni Green

By Toni Green, End user computing manager for the London Borough of Enfield

Empowered women, empower women

That’s the only way I can describe the journey which led me to Socitm’s Empowering Women (EW).

Nadira Hussain, Socitm’s Director of Leadership Development & Research, leader in the creation of EW, inspired and empowered me to take full advantage of the programme. After that I have built confidence in accelerating my career choices; recognised the importance of creating strong networks; strengthened my leadership skills whilst empowering others; and challenging myself to do something today my future self will be proud of.


What a revelation this was – I had to have been my worst critic. Thinking about it now, my inner voice wasn’t very nice at all, clouding my capacity to take an accurate measurement of what I am capable of.

The EW programme, complimented by 1:1 tuition from my coach, gave me the tools and skills I needed to recognise my negative inner voice (crow) and silence it.

Since the programme

Reflecting on the last year since the programme, I have achieved lots to be proud of.

  • Stepping out of autopilot and being very present in the moment
  • Leadership success
  • Staff Excellence Awards nomination
  • Empowering others to excel
  • Roundtable event speaker and organisation support
  • #IamRemarkable facilitator
  • Organiser and speaker at LBE’s International Women’s Day conference

Being a speaker at the IWD conference, alongside very inspirational leaders, reminded me, that we are never fully in control of self-doubt, and the inner voice/crow cannot be put back in its cage for ever – there will always be those fight or flight moments.

However, with huge thanks to the Empowering Women programme, I have the toolkit to take lead of challenging situations, making change last forever.

Read more about the Empowering Women programme. Places are subject to availability and membership level. Check with our Leadership Academy Manager for all  the information you need.