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Leadership Academy advocate: Eleri Thomas 

A Q&A where graduates share their experiences of Leadership Academy training. What has it added to their life, both personally and professionally?


Eleri Thomas 

Current role

Service Desk and Workplace Solutions Technician / Accounts Assistant, Corporate Transformation, Isle of Anglesey County Council 

Which Leadership academy programme did you join?

Empowering Women (London, October 2022)

What were your initial thoughts about participating?

I didn’t know what to expect at first; mixed feelings of apprehension and excitement. I wanted to give myself a challenge, to build my self-esteem and develop my personal growth. In IT where I work, it’s mostly dominated by male managers – Empowering Women seemed to be the right programme to get an insight into strong, powerful women. 

What were your first impressions?

I was made to feel at home in the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Aidan and Jenny made me feel at ease. 

It was good to see a diverse range of women: both young and senior; introverts and extroverts.

This combination gave different perspectives and views that opened questions and discussions, which was really engaging and interesting 

What were the most powerful elements of the programme for you?

I got to know my inner critic. To be aware of it and how to overcome it, by facing my fears and turning them into positive outcomes. 

Before this programme, I had never made a presentation in my life. We were set into groups and given a task to complete which involved a presentation at the end. Without the encouragement of the strong and supportive cohorts who were with me, I would have never been able to stand up and feel “Empowered”. 

I have managed to conquer one of my biggest fears, now anything is possible!! 

After graduation, what were the key things you took away with you?

Looking back at the program, I have learnt a lot about myself. I got to reflect on my values and how to be true to my authentic self. 

How did you apply these professionally and what are the direct benefits?

I have learnt that I am a good team player, but to develop further and be a good team leader means to communicate and listen. Encourage and engage, come up with new ideas and suggestions, participate more and voice my opinion.  

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the programme you enjoyed?

This program will take you on a journey of self-reflection. It will build your self-confidence and change the way you value yourself in a positive way. I would highly recommend this program to all the women out there. 

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