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Cyber security

In partnership with

CNS six degrees

Do you know where your security vulnerabilities lie? Where should you be focussing your efforts?

The Six Degrees cyber and security health check is designed to provide you with an understanding of your security position which considers systems, technology, processes, people & procedures. It’s a complete picture of your organisations security standing.

Enhance your cyber security posture

Use the award winning cyber and security health check to get a quick snapshot of your security posture – a cyber security maturity score. And discover what, if anything, needs your attention.


A quick snapshot

of your cyber security posture


Get a security score

for systems, technology, processes, people and procedures



for all Socitm members

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Get answers to questions such as

  • Do you know how robust your organisation’s cyber security is? 
  • Where are the gaps or areas of concern when it comes to your cyber security? 
  • How does your score rank against the industry standard within your sector?
  • What can you do to plug any gaps and how? 
  • What should your priorities be? And do you really need to spend now to correct them? 

Security matters, especially now

The rapid response from local public service providers to meet the digital demands of dealing with the Covid-19 crisis has been astonishing.

Alongside this, we all need to ensure our security and privacy settings have kept up – threats arise and mutate daily.

Socitm’s partners at CNS Group (a Six Degrees Company) can provide a free check to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your colleagues, organisations and communities secure.

Compliant with industry standards

ISO 27001

Cyber Essentials Plus


Sarbanes Oxley


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