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Why Improve?

Improve is specifically designed for the public sector. Benchmarking using our specialist question set helps you shape ongoing strategy in an environment of constant change.

  • Interactive workshops

    Interactive workshops

    Provide comprehensive insight into the relative size of your IT service.

  • Peer groups

    Dynamic peer groups

    Compare yourself to the latest data, with peer data available as soon as you submit.

  • tableau

    Delivered by Tableau

    Easy to access and analyse interactive, real-time information with Tableau Online.

Choose your module

Whether you use our Improve service independently or as part of your membership with us, you can choose one or more of our modules shown below to benchmark your organisation’s performance.

Module Corner

Cyber security

Checks your security status to ensure that your data is safe.

Coming soon
Module Corner

Covid-19 digital and ICT impact survey

How has Covid-19 impacted your digital and ICT delivery of services?

Coming soon
Module Corner

User Satisfaction module

Surveys your entire user base to gauge their experience of performance and usability.

Coming soon
Module Corner

Estate module

Provides comprehensive insight into the relative size of your ICT service.

Coming soon
Module Corner

Cost module

Examines the cost efficiency of your ICT service, identifying reductions required.

Coming soon
Module Corner

Performance module

Provides a holistic overview of the performance and efficiency of your ICT service.

Coming soon

Is your website user friendly?

Our BetterConnected+ service rigorously tests the accessibility of your website and mobile apps against the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations.

Better Connected+

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Socitm Improve has been invaluable to us...

Denbighshire County Council have undertaken the Socitm benchmarking exercise for a number of years. It has been invaluable to us as we are able to analyse our annual results and compare them year on year. This allows us to look for trends enabling us to see what we are doing well and to investigate any…

Denbighshire County Council
Denbighshire Testimonial