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Leadership Academy Alumni 2022


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Theme – Leadership Diversity and Skills

Location – AWS, 1 Principal Place, Worship Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 2FA

For the first time in three years our annual meeting will be in person. We would love to see you in London in December. It’s also Christmas jumper day, so a real opportunity to get festive. It isn’t easy to take time away from your desk, so as well as an exciting programme for the day, there will be networking, essential insights on resilience and empathy, ideas to challenge you, and some fun!

Leadership Academy Alumni 2022 event


AWS, 1 Principal Place, Worship Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 2FA


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  1. Agenda Session 1
      Day 1
    1. 10:00 am |

      There will be a warm welcome at the registration desk – sign in and get your delegate pass. You’re then free to start networking and helping yourself to refreshments – including breakfast pastries.

    2. 10:30 am |
      Socitm Vice Presidential Welcome

      Mark Lumley, Mark Lumley, Director Digital & IT, London Borough of Hounslow

      Mark will make us all welcome and run through the practical housekeeping. He’ll share his thoughts on authentic leadership, and go on to introduce our first keynote speaker.

    3. 10:40 am |
      Day in the life of an Executive Director in the Public Sector

      Abi Gbago, Strategic Director Inclusive Growth, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

      Instead of hearing about what a Silicon Valley tech exec does in their day, Abi offers a practical and much more grounded description of hers. If you’re thinking about next careers steps (or just curious) Abi will set out the daily challenges of senior public sector leadership. Tackling those challenges takes strength and compassion. Find out from Abi how she leads and keeps that balance going.

    4. 11:00 am |
      Social bingo

      Facilitated by Alexandra Murphy, Marketing and Communications Assistant, Socitm

      Join our December 2022 Leadership Advocate of month, Alexandra in facilitating human bingo. A bingo card, timer and chat is all you’ll need for this session. The first person to collect a full row (in any direction) and shout “BINGO!” is the winner.

    5. 11:30 am |
      Supporting local authorities address the digital skills gap

      Charlene Manning, Regional Business Development Manager, AWS

      An estimated 11.6 million Britons will require digital skills training over the next year alone to meet the UK’s future digital skills needs. Discover how AWS is helping to prepare the future-ready workforce and address the growing need for digitally skilled talent and what this specifically means for local authorities.

    6. 11:50 am |
      Networking break

      It’s time to gather our thoughts from this morning’s sessions over refreshments and snacks. This is an opportunity to connect with fellow colleagues from across the membership.

    7. 12:05 pm |
      Panel Session: Personal Development

      Nicholas McCarthy, Head of Digital Services, London Borough of Hounslow (Chair) | Amy Jackson, GIS & Gazetteer Manager, Elmbridge Borough Council | Annie Ede, Senior IT & Digital Transformation Analyst, Conwy County Borough Council | Ellie Lee, Head of Business Partnerships, London Borough of Kingston and Sutton

      What one thing do our panellists want to share about their experience of management and leadership? What one thing do you in the audience want to know about?

    8. 12:45 pm |
      Networking lunch

      It’s time to eat and greet as we reflect on the morning’s programme over lunch. This is an opportunity to continue the conversation as we come together with our partners and enjoy further food for thought.

    9. 1:30 pm |
      Fact or Myth

      Aidan Matthews, Learning Programme Manager, Socitm

      In a post truth world, we have decided to spend some time separating fact from fiction. However this is a festive event so we want to do this with a bit of fun and a little competition. So get ready to test you ability to know the difference between truth or myth. Here is your starter question…’Tomato ketchup was sold as a medicine in the 1830s, fact or fiction? We look forward to seeing you on soon.

    10. 1:50 pm |
      Fireside Chat: Woman, mother, and not by choice victim of war

      Sam Smith, Assistant Director of IT & Digital Services, Cambridgeshire County Council & Peterborough City Council | Kateryna Luhar, Woman, mother, and not by choice victim of war

      We can see and read about the trauma that people are experiencing in Ukraine. Part of the UK’s response has directly involved local public services providers, charities and citizens. By supporting families who have had to leave their homes Socitm members are demonstrating the most fundamental part of being a community. Being kind to strangers in need.

    11. 2:20 pm |
      How to increase opportunities for women to work in the Public Sector?

      Empowering Women London 2022 Cohort & HSO

      Join the latest Empowering Women who have been set the challenge to find, attract, and hire, the brightest female talent in the public sector. Using the cohorts’ expertise they will aim to solve the two interlinked issues of culture and recruitment.

    12. 3:00 pm |
      Socitm mentoring programme returns in 2023

      Nadira Hussain, CEO, Socitm | Michelle Walker, ICT Business Engagement Officer, Coventry City Council |Julie Johnson, Partnerships & Programme Dev. Manager, Kent County Council | David Ogden, Engagement Director, Socitm 

      Back in 2019 we held in-person speed matchmaking. Three years later, we will hear from some of our couples to see the high and lows. The scheme will re-open for 2023 for mentors and mentees and no-one will have to swipe left or right.

    13. 3:20 pm |
      Closing remarks

      Nadira Hussain, CEO, Socitm

      On behalf of us all Nadira will reflect on the final event of 2022 for Socitm and bring proceedings to a close.

    14. 3:30 pm |
      Closing drinks reception

      Join Socitm in toasting to a successful 12 months and seeing the Alumni network grow further in the next year.

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