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How to be an effective coach

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According to the latest 2020 report from the ICF (International Coaching Federation) there has been a sharp rise in the numbers of managers using coaching skills to develop and grow the talent in their teams. This is particularly important given the current climate when most teams now need to be managed remotely. The ‘push’ style of leadership is often proving ineffective. A leader who knows how to adopt a ‘pull’ approach will get far better results. This is where coaching staff and teams will facilitate better outcomes.

Coaching is a cost effective personal development tool that can reap benefits for participants and their organisation, providing the coach obtains the necessary skills. It is important the organisation supports and understands the wider benefits of improved productivity, performance and motivation that can be realised through the adoption of effective coaching techniques.

This programme is designed to improve the understanding of the coaching process and develop the coaching skills needed to work successfully with others

How to be an effective coach event
This event has now finished
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For any questions or enquiries, please get in touch with Dominika Szulim-Wronek.




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Aidan Matthews

Aidan Matthews

Learning Programme Manager
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  1. Agenda Session 1
      Day 1
    1. 9:30 am |
      Overview of day 1

      The topics we will cover are:

      • Definition of coaching
      • Benefits of coaching/mentoring
      • Differences between coaching, mentoring, training & counselling
      • Barriers to coaching
      • Key coaching skills
      • Preparing to coach
      • ‘Push’ and ‘pull’ approaches
      • Practise and feedback
  2. Agenda Session 2
      Day 2
    1. 9:30 am |
      Overview of day 2

      The topics we will cover are:

      • Building rapport
      • Effective questioning
      • Active listening
      • Contracting with your coachee/mentee
      • The GROW model
      • Giving and receiving feedback
      • Encouraging responsibility
      • Practise and feedback

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