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Yorkshire & Humber

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This event has now ended.


Theme: Embracing Change & Transformation – Breakthrough Innovation & Creativity, Leading Change, Reengagement

Our meetings can be face-to-face (with refreshments provided) or virtual (bring your own refreshments) and will be focused on Socitm’s policy themes. Within these themed meetings your regional committee is free to create an agenda that works best for you and your regional colleagues. If there’s something you would like to discuss or investigate with like-minded peers just let us know on and we will co-ordinate that with and for you.


  1. 08:45 Registration with Tea, Coffee and Pastries


  2. 09:30 SOCITM welcome and Introduction by all chairs

    Dave Sanderson, Society of Innovation, Technology and Modernisation (SOCITM)

    Socitm is the professional network for digital leaders involved in the transformation of local, regional and national public servicesSocitm’s services are designed for use throughout the wider public services market.     

    Yorkshire and Humber Public Services Network (YHPSN)

    A collaboration of public sector organisations across the Yorkshire and Humber region, from health, local authorities, combined authorities, police and ambulance services. The group has transitioned from a public sector network in the digital sense, to a network of organisations working together to collaborate, share best practice and opportunity across the region.  

    The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)  

    A UK-based international accountancy membership and standard-setting body. We are the only such body globally dedicated to public financial management. We believe that improving public services is the key to changing lives for the better and that good public financial management is central to achieving this ambition. Our educational and advisory services support our members, students and other public finance professionals throughout their careers – helping them add value to their teams and the organisations for which they work. Through our work, we help ensure public money is raised and spent with the highest degree of openness. We are committed to making a real difference to the world we live in. 

    Yorkshire and Humberside Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (YHWARP) 

    WARPS are “not-for-profit” services which seek to create and serve a community of local authorities and other public bodies who can gain mutual benefit from using and supporting the service: They are designed to encourage networking and the exchange of advice and good practice in information security and governance, in a forum that is open but ultimately a safe space to speak about experiences, issues and concerns. 

  3. 09:45 Integrated Digital Service – Leeds Innovation Journey

    Hannah Roden, Leeds City Council

  4. 10:15 Netcall and Local Authority Case Study


  5. 10:35 IP Performance Elevator Pitch

    Paul Bright, Sales Account Manager 

  6. 10:40 Collaboration and Networking Break


  7. 10:55 4C Elevator Pitch

    Gill Rowbotham, Director/Managing Consultant 

    Paul Ridge, Director/Managing Consultant 

  8. 11:00 ‘ Jack and the Beanstalk’ – how we deliver technology in austerity

    Terence Hudson, Kirklees Council


  9. 23:50 PowerBI in Financial World

    Andrew Cross, City of Bradford MDC

    Mark Barrett, Leeds City Council

  10. 12:45 Collaboration and Networking Lunch



  11. 13:30 Veeam Elevator pitch 

    Zoe Grant, Public Sector Territory Manager, UK

  12. 01:35 Live Lounge – AI and Cyber : Preparing for Change

    Yunus Mayat ,City of Bradford MDC

  13. 14:35 Closing remarks by all chairs


  14. 14:45 Networking


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