Modernising ICT: Cyber security, digital transformation & driving return on investment

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  1. 29 June 2022 13:00 - 14:00



Drawing from Socitm’s Public sector digital trends 2022 report, there are many challenges facing IT leaders, in particular the ‘post-Covid-19 pressures on IT’. Specifically, in 2022 it’s stated that CIOs and their teams need to adapt in the following way:

  • IT legacy removed if necessary.
  • Skills and capacity pressure.
  • Managing a ‘cloud universe’.

In the context of these recommendations, as a senior IT leader how can you deliver against these priorities in the context of small teams, squeezed budgets, and persistent cyber security threats?

In this webinar, hear real case study examples of cross-sector effective practice, technical expertise, and insight into various organisations’ digital transformation journey.  Also hear from Jisc experts regarding how you can:

Develop a positive cyber culture:

  • A whole-organisation approach to cyber security.
  • How you can promote a positive security culture.
  • Identifying and addressing cyber myths and misconceptions.
  • Assurance – assessing & strengthening your security posture.

 Manage a cloud ‘universe’:

  • How to manage M365 security to secure access for remote workers, managing the risks of default settings with key cloud providers like Microsoft, adopting zero-trust access management.
  • Managing security in Public Cloud – MFA, managing both cultural and organisational business change [Richard] , controlling access to data and the flow of data. A few key things to consider when migrating to the Cloud- Edge security, compliance, security posture, and responsibility.


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