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Your Future-Proof Blueprint to Sustainable Growth and Digital Evolution with Umbraco

Authors and contributors: Frederik Klerens, James Jemmett-Page

In 2024 and beyond, your constituents are not just looking for a flawless digital experience; they’re also looking for the actions you’re taking to operate more sustainably.

Join Cantarus and Umbraco to explore the digital and environmental benefits achieved by their client, the British Medical Association (BMA), through their strategic upgrade from the end-of-life Umbraco v7 to the fully supported Umbraco v10 DXP hosted on Umbraco Cloud.

The session covered:

  • Insights from the BMA’s journey from the end-of-life Umbraco 7 to the fully-supported Umbraco 10
  • The importance of migrating from legacy technology for operational efficiency and security
  • Discover how moving to Umbraco Cloud and a supported DXP version contributes to environmental sustainability
  • Preview of the sustainability dashboard on Umbraco Cloud
  • Unveiling the long-term advantages of cloud hosting for councils, including:
    • enhanced security
    • improved performance, and
    • future scalability.