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Revolutionising Social Care with AI – A New Era of Efficiency, Empowerment and Cost Savings – ICS.AI

Meeting outcomes for residents and supporting carers within existing resources is a significant challenge for social care. As councils seek innovative solutions, the integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a transformative force. AI not only has the potential to streamline the entire spectrum of assessment processes at the digital front door, but also to deliver improved outcomes and provide substantial financial benefits, aligning financial management with service quality.

This webinar explored how AI is revolutionising social care, including:

  • The Challenge: How AI assists with the comprehensive needs of social care assessments.
  • AI at the Digital Front Door: AI’s holistic approach in standardising service delivery and reducing costs.
  • Empowering Social Workers: AI frees up social workers to focus on critical decision-making and complex cases.
  • Towards Self-Sufficiency: Understand AI’s role in reducing care home admissions and fostering independence.
  • Future Focused Care: Discuss how AI is leading social care towards financial sustainability and improved service delivery.
  • Video sessions from guest speakers: