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Reducing attack surface with users working from anywhere with iboss Zero Trust SSE

Webinar Wednesday

Authors and contributors: iboss

Post pandemic organisations have embraced a hybrid workforce and the shift to cloud services has followed suit. However, most are still utilising legacy connections such as VPN and on-premise security hardware to try and protect these users. This has led to worse productivity and gaps in an organisations security posture.

But how should we be securing these new working practices, users, and the sensitive data they access? With so much messaging in the market how do you make the right security choices for your organisation, and how do you protect users, data, & flexible working? Is there a better way to protect my connectivity across the whole organisation?

In this webinar representatives from iboss and Renaissance will providing an overview of the iboss Zero Trust SSE platform – a cloud delivered security service that fully migrates your on-premise security stack to the cloud, securing all users, apps, data and flexible working.

In this session, we will discuss: 

  • What zero trust really is, and why it’s relevant to everyone.
  • Why the cloud architecture you choose is critical to security success.
  • How iboss can replace multiple legacy solutions, and secure all users, data and resources.