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New Year…making and keeping resolutions

Webinar Wednesday

Authors and contributors: Aidan Matthews
Webinar Wednesday - New Year…making and keeping resolutions-18th Jan 2023.mp4

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At this time of year a lot of us resolve to get fitter, eat better and spend more time with friends and family, yet surveys show that our good intentions don’t last beyond the first few weeks in January.
There is a saying, attributed to several people, ‘First we make our habits and then our habits make us’, so in this short session Aidan will share with you some of the latest scientific research on how to increase the likelihood of keeping those new year resolutions by making or breaking habits that last.

He will share tips on how to create ‘grooves’ in the mind and insights into the role emotion plays in our success or failure.

This is the first of our Leadership Academy seminars for 2023, part of a series sessions created to stimulate and inspire. We look forward to seeing you.