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Navigating the cyber security challenges of 2023 and building cyber resilience in 2024

In today’s digitally driven and ever-changing landscape, the battle to safeguard your organisation’s data is more critical than ever.

The acceleration and transformation of technology has connected us in ways previously thought impossible, but it has also exposed us to unprecedented challenges. In 2023, cyber security has been an area of constant evolution, where threat actors have not only adapted but grown bolder and more sophisticated. It is a landscape where the stakes are higher, the threats are more diverse, and the consequences of failure are far-reaching.

Statistics compiled this year alone have shown:

  • 72% of large organisations experienced cyber attacks in the UK in early 20231
  • 83% of organisations in the UK that have encountered breaches identified them as phishing attacks1
  • The average cost of a data breach in the UK is $5.05 million in 20231
  • It takes 181 days for organisations in the UK to identify a data breach, and another 75 days to contain it1
  • There were over 380,000 reports of fraud and cyber crime in the UK over the last 13 months1
  • Cryptomining attacks have surged by 53% in 2023, with us seeing costs as high as £568,000 for one organisation

These statistics and examples underscore the pressing need for organisations to strengthen their cyber security posture and adapt to the evolving threat landscape in 2023. By understanding these threats and implementing appropriate countermeasures, your organisation will be better prepared for the challenges of 2023 and enhance their cyber resilience in 2024.


Welcome and introduction

  • Setting the stage: The evolving threat landscape
  • Speaker introductions

The rise of cryptomining fraud

  • Understanding cryptomining fraud: definition and impact
  • Real-world cases and statistics on cryptomining fraud
  • Strategies to detect and prevent cryptomining attacks

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) as a cornerstone

  • The importance of GRC in cyber securit
  • Achieving regulatory compliance and minimising risk
  • Real-world examples of successful GRC implementation

The crucial role of a Security Operations Centre (SOC)

  • Building a resilient SOC: challenges and solutions
  • The SOC’s role in incident response and threat mitigation
  • Case studies highlighting SOC effectiveness

Q&A: All Presenters

Join us on Wednesday 6th December to bolster your cyber security knowledge and prepare your organisation for the challenges that 2023 has brought and the cyber resilience needed in 2024.

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