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Mentoring Programme Webinar – programme launch session

Mentoring Programme Webinar

Authors and contributors: Aidan Matthews, Zoe Lewis

The launch of the 2023 edition of our Mentoring Programme. We were delighted to have Zoe Lewis join us – founder of the coaching and mentoring organisation ‘The Leadership Coaches’. Known for her ability to work with Senior Executives, Directors and Managers, Director of The Leadership Coaches, Zoe Lewis has a history of coaching board members and senior leaders in medium and large corporate organisations.

Zoe is sought by clients wanting a coach/mentor who is pragmatic, down-to-earth, and laser-focused on goal achievement. She has helped many people make significant positive behavioural changes and move forward with confidence in their lives.

She has a wealth of experience in learning and development including ILM Level 7 in Coaching and mentoring. Zoe also has a keen interest in neuroscience and the psychology of behavioural change.

In conversation with Aidan Matthews, Zoe shared her deep knowledge and insights into the things that make a mentoring relationship successful, pitfalls to avoid and the rewards that can be gained.

Thank you for joining us.