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Managing successful change and transformation in the public sector

Webinar Wednesday

Authors and contributors: Socitm Advisory

For local authorities, change and transformation are no longer seen as specific events that punctuate long periods of stability, but rather as a constant necessity as councils respond to external drivers and implement emerging technologies to become dynamic organisations.

In this session, Socitm Advisory will share their experience of working with over 100 local authorities supporting them at various points of their change journeys.  As a sector, local government organisations must become increasingly adaptable to ensure innovative, value for money service delivery and efficient and engaged workforces.

The Socitm Advisory Mindset Model™ is a robust, tested and actionable framework that equips leaders to successfully manage change and transformation.

This webinar will:

  • Introduce the Mindset Model™ and its application in local government
  • Outline some of the tools and interventions to help you de-risk your change initiatives

We’ll also ensure there is time for Q&A so you can ask the experts your own change and transformation questions.