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Making the best use of existing technology to drive sustainability and cost savings

Authors and contributors: IGEL

Sustainability is no-longer optional. The UK regulatory environment is increasingly compelling businesses to account for their carbon and GHG emissions and to come up with plans to reduce them where possible. Along with this, many organisations are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint at the same time as reducing cost.

A little-known fact is that by far the most polluting aspect of an end-user estate is the manufacturing stage of PCs, laptops and thin client. Manufacturing alone is more than 5 times more polluting than electricity consumption for the majority of endpoints. This means that the most Sustainable device is the one you already own!

Did you know that by replacing Windows on your endpoint estate with our cutting-edge modular, efficient and secure operating system you can breathe new life into devices up to 12 years old, continue realising value from your older assets and avoid the replacement costs associated with a device refresh?