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Generative AI and Copilot Ecosystem for Local Government AI Transformation


Generative AI and the Copilot ecosystem mark the onset of the fifth industrial revolution, profoundly impacting the local government landscape. This transformative shift empowers local councils to embrace AI-centric strategies, thereby revolutionising resident interactions. From streamlining complex service domains like adult and children’s social care to enhancing customer services, the era of AI-driven local government has dawned.

Microsoft and Open AI’s advancements with generative and Copilot technology, mixed with specialised Copilot’s, like SMART Copilot from ICS.AI, result in a comprehensive ecosystem capable of bringing AI capabilities to previously out of scope complex and advanced use cases.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the transformative potential of Generative AI and the Copilot ecosystem, highlighting the importance of specialised Copilots in aiding local governments to efficiently adopt AI transformation.

Led by industry experts from ICS.AI, the webinar promises:

  • An understanding of generative AI’s role in the fifth industrial revolution
  • Navigating the Copilot ecosystem – Microsoft Copilots and Specialist Copilots working together
  • Examples of specialised Copilot technology in local council settings for complex use cases
  • An example roadmap of successful AI transformation adoption
  • Live demonstrations of the SMART Copilot platform across channels, covering both internal and external use cases

Together, let’s unlock the vast potential of AI in local government and shape a more efficient and responsive future for councils and communities across the UK.