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Expanding Accessibility in the public sector: Supporting diversity and inclusion through Microsoft and the web

Accessibility Friday

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One billion + people have a diagnosed disability worldwide, and there are many more with temporary, situational or undiagnosed conditions that can find it difficult to engage and interact with the services we design, create and provision.

Covid has disproportionally affected people with disabilities. It has also changed how many of us interact with our local services. New systems, processes and applications have been developed to ensure that our society continued to work seamlessly through low or no touch- and as we now reflect on the patchwork of solutions, how can we ensure that the systems we deploy and services we create can be used inclusively by our communities?

The simple tools we use every day to get things done – our Windows devices and Microsoft 365 come packed with many accessibility features to help overcome challenges people face when working. For many- awareness that these tools exist can have a huge impact on how they work and interact, especially for those who didn’t know these features existed, or didn’t want to ask for help.

Join SoftwareOne and Eye Able for this introduction session to digital accessibility, understand the regulation of digital content created for the web, and see an overview of the many tools available to us across Microsoft 365, Windows and from Eye Able that help us understand how we can tailor our content for our communities, engage with our colleagues and constituents and how we can all work better together.