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Cyber Focus – Why local government organisations should take an “Assume-breach perspective” with the evolving threat from ransomware

NCSC recently stated, “that ransomware remains one of the most acute cyber threats facing the UK”. Traditional approaches to mitigating ransomware need to be re-evaluated. The advanced design of today’s ransomware cyberattacks requires organizations to adopt an “Assume-Breach” mindset. You need the ability to detect and isolate adversaries before they traverse your network and cause serious damage. Protection needs to be on a 24/7 automated basis as most attacks are initiated outside normal business hours.

During the session, explore what new unique tools are out there to mitigate and contain the Ransomware threat and help you proactively built resilience and automation and 24/7 protection.

Ransomware is a borderless business and the biggest development in cyber-crime since the NCSC published their 2017 report on online criminal activity, that is why it is essential to have a solution in place that can contain an active ransomware attack once it’s begun.