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An introduction to manual accessibility audits from an expert

Authors and contributors: Andy Hall


A webinar introduction to manual accessibility audits and quick wins including:
• How to check for some of the commonest problems that manual audits uncover
• Which tools and techniques we use for manual auditing
• Why you need to use both manual and automated testing

Andy Hall, Digital Inclusion Lead, Silktide

With over 35 years experience of working with disabled people and technology, Andy has an in-depth knowledge of accessibility and how delivering it impacts users.

His experience extends beyond web accessibility. As an expert in accessibility and assistive technology, he knows what it takes to deliver a truly accessible experience for a wide range of disabled people.

Andy previously worked for the large disability organizations RNIB and Scope. Most recently, he led the internal accessibility team and external accessibility consultancy for Scope delivering accessibility solutions.

He has worked with internationally leading brands, public sector bodies, web agencies, and high-profile activities such as Channel 4’s Beijing Summer and Winter Paralympics