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Accessibility Week – Introduction to digital accessibility 

Authors and contributors: Lizi Green

This session emphasised the importance of accessibility from moral, legal, and business standpoints. It explored inclusive design and its benefits, ensuring that digital products and services are accessible to all. Additionally, the session looked into common accessibility issues.

  • Introduction to AbilityNet
  • What is accessibility and why is it important?
  • Who does accessible, inclusive design benefit?
  • A look a some of the most common accessibility issues


  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction from Lizi Green
  3. Accessibility is about barriers
  4. Impairment types that can affect access
  5. The importance of accessibility
  6. Inclusive design and accessibility
  7. Accessibility Standards
  8. Accessibility Standards: perceivable
  9. Accessibility Standards: operable
  10. Accessibility Standards: understandable
  11. Accessibility Standards: robust
  12. Making accessible products and services
  13. Wrap up and Q&A