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How AI meets social care: Professional practice

Authors and contributors:Peter Engelsen, Martin Ferguson(opens in new window), Russ Charlesworth(opens in new window), Sarah Atkinson


Human interaction, observation, relationships and decision-making are integral to the performance of social work. AI technologies provide a tool to augment and enable more personalised and effective care, rather than to replace those working within it. The second in our series of four guides on How AI meets social care, this guide considers how to address the effects of AI technologies on social care practitioners, their decision-making and service outcomes.

Publications in this series:

  • Introduction
  • Trust: How to build trust in advocating and introducing AI
  • Professional practice: How to address the effects of AI on social care practitioners
  • Legal and commercial: How organisations can approach best practice in procuring AI
  • Technical: How to address technical issues when embarking on an AI journey

How AI meets social care: Professional practice

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