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Cyber risk (5/5) – Cyber risk futures

Part five of the Cyber Risk report

Authors and contributors: Jos Creese, Martin Ferguson

Cyber risk (5/5) – Cyber risk futures

One of the biggest challenges in dealing with cyber threats lies in their ever-changing nature. If only technology didn’t change so much, the job of cyber protection would be so much easier!

With every new technology that offers new business and social value, there are inevitably downsides that can be exploited by those with malicious intent. And, as the rewards from online crime rise and detection rates remain low, it is not surprising that huge investment is made to take advantage of the illicit pickings.

For IT leaders in any organisation this poses a dilemma: to stick with what you know or to be an innovator and take the greater risks that often accompany adoption of emerging technologies. For IT leaders naturally concerned about risk, this is a real problem, especially given the growing demands coming from digital programmes to exploit the well-publicised advantages of new technologies such as Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

Part of this is about understanding the nature of changing risks and their mitigation. But part is also about ensuring that the advocates and the enthusiasts also take some of the responsibility for the managing these risks.

This last in our series of cyber reports looks at how IT leaders in the public sector and councils, in particular, should approach this dilemma.

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