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Socitm and NILGA join forces for public good

Socitm (Society for Innovation, Technology and Modernisation) and NILGA (Northern Ireland Local Government Association) are delighted today (Wednesday 13 March) to announce a strategic partnership between the two organisations.

The collaboration is grounded in a shared commitment to understanding the unique needs of the Northern Ireland local government sector and supporting innovation and transformation agendas across the region.

One of the immediate actions will see Socitm colleagues meet with NILGA members in Northern Ireland, to gain a more thorough understanding of the sector’s dynamics, and the specific challenges faced by its members.

“We are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with NILGA. At Socitm we believe in the power of unity and shared expertise. This strategic alliance is a testament to our commitment to providing practical support and guidance to our members in Northern Ireland. Together, we will navigate the diverse landscapes of innovation and transformation, facilitating the delivery of better outcomes for all and ensuring that no member or organisation is left behind. Our shared vision and collective efforts will undoubtedly lead to stronger, more resilient people and places.”

Nadira Hussain, CEO of Socitm

“At NILGA we understand the importance of collaboration in driving meaningful change. Teaming up with Socitm aligns seamlessly with our mission to connect organisations and share best practice. This joint initiative is a pledge to our members — we are here to support you. Together, we will create a network of strength, resilience, and shared success, fostering an environment where every organisation can thrive. The transformation of public services in Northern Ireland is at the forefront of all our minds and local government is committed to playing its part.”

Alison Allen, CEO of NILGA

The insights gathered from forthcoming engagements will inform the development of targeted programs, resources, and initiatives that address the specific needs in Northern Ireland. 

Both Socitm and NILGA are dedicated to fostering an environment where member organisations can thrive, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to the overall growth of the sector.

As we embark on this journey together, we are confident that our collective efforts will propel us forward and contribute to the success of every organisation within our vibrant communities.

About the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA)
NILGA is the council-led representative body for local authorities in Northern Ireland.  The Association is supported by political parties and independent members in councils and works in partnership with other key regional bodies and stakeholders. NILGA members are drawn from each of the 11 councils.

The Association supports and represents Northern Ireland local government’s interests on regional bodies, within the Local Government Group of Associations in the UK, Republic of Ireland and in Europe.

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