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Reset. Reform. Renew. Resilient.

Socitm today (30 June 2021) launches a new collection of resources in support of local government’s recovery beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As part of Socitm’s new post Covid-19 Recovery theme, the organisation has built-up an emerging picture based on over 200 local authority recovery and resilience strategies. It has identified four common “pillars” (4Rs) that form a structural framework for Socitm’s new place-based recovery resources: 

  1. Reset – ethical principles, respecting social, economic and ecological foundations 
  2. Reform – public services by embracing innovation and modernisation 
  3. Renew – communities by collaborating across place and encouraging self-sufficiency 
  4. Resilient – to disruptive changes, to thrive and to achieve better, sustainable and inclusive outcomes for everyone 

Free online resources

The resources outline how place-based recovery (under the 4Rs) is supporting the wider drive to build resilient and sustainable places. Places for people and communities to thrive. 

Download and read: 

Policy briefing: Socitm’s post-Covid recovery prospectus
This resource provides an in-depth view from more than 200 local authorities to identify four common pillars for place-based recovery. 

Infographic:Championing place-based recovery
This resource provides a snapshot view and links into UK authorities and their place-based recovery strategies. 

“We are delighted today to launch our latest collection of resources. They support the tremendous work up and down the country we are seeing from local authorities as they start to recover from the devastating challenges Covid-19 has created.   

Councils are leading place-based post-Covid strategic recovery. Socitm has drawn on this to create resources which we are sure will be really useful support to that on-going work.  This might be in seeing what others are doing and drawing inspiration or using the resources to sense check their own strategies and plans”.  

William Barker
Author and associate director

For further information contact Communications Manager David Ogden on or 07906 949198.