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Nadira Hussain joins #techmums: empowering women, enriching the world

Nadira Hussain has joined #techmums as a non-executive director.

techmums is an initiative devised to engage, empower and build the confidence and resilience of women (mums in particular in this instance) through the appropriate use of technology. This empowerment will also help strengthen their relationships with their children, the family unit and ultimately the community in which they belong. In the best case scenario, women will have the opportunity to apply their learning to seeking employment to improve their personal situations.

Women remain marginalised and victimised in these difficult times. Initiatives such as this one enable personal development for the participants, reduce hardship and could potentially lessen abuse in extreme circumstances. Women should not be discriminated against at any point. In these times particularly, women are more vulnerable due to the threat of domestic abuse. This is a very real issue that also impacts harshly upon children and young people. techmums is helping to transform lives and present life opportunities.

Nadira has had more than 25 year’s experience in public sector ICT. Bold and unabashed, she is committed to ensuring the progress of people. This is an ideal opportunity for Nadira to use her experience and expertise to help another unique group to help them focus on themselves, realise their potential and make a difference at this incredibly challenging time.

Hussain said: “The current unforeseen circumstances have huge implications across the board. So often women and children can become victims. techmums is a resource that seeks to empower women to make strong and life-defining choices. It also promotes engagement and advancement among a self-creating community where immediate social interaction might be hampered or conflicted.

“When one might be victimised or feel ultimately alone, technology can play a vital role in supporting social connection. It can have a huge impact on changing lives and improving the dynamics of the family set-up. This is why I am delighted to have joined the techmums team.

“We will continue to support women who feel dispirated and marginalised. We will continue to support women everywhere.

“Technology extends beyond social media. It is a tool of engagement and also, sadly, one of division. I am proud to support exclusivity all its forms by joining the amazing team at techmums. Empowered women create empowered societies. It is good to be in the vanguard of that.”