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Closing the distance between data and insight

Impera from data to impact

Socitm and Impera have joined forces.

We are on a mission to enhance the lives of people and the environment, using the power of data.

At the heart of this collaboration is the desire to close the distance between data and insight. We know that the sector can act in an impactful way when insights are generated quicker, but we also know that analytical resources are scarce.

Over the coming months, Socitm and Impera will be co-launching new data tools which have been tried and tested in the sector already, address problems all councils face, are easy to replicate, and increase efficiency of decision making.

The new tools we’ll soon be launching fulfil two of our very own Digital Trends of 2024; Harnessing Data and Geospatial Technologies. Watch this space!

Coming Soon

We’re delighted to co-launch our first product, the Utility Data Aggregator (UDA)!

A key policy theme at Socitm is Sustainability and Net Zero. Most councils have declared a climate emergency, and many officers are working hard to establish carbon emission baselines. Curating and ordering this utility data for emission calculations is time-consuming and our research has revealed many officers are spending months on laborious energy bill reading to search for the right usage data.

What is the UDA?

The UDA is a software programme that reads, sorts and orders bill data, irrespective of energy provider, into a meaningful format in a matter of seconds. It knows exactly the data it needs to read from any PDF file.

This automation prepares all the correct data you need for carbon emissions calculations.

You can then focus on what’s important; making the right plans and decisions so you can reach your net zero targets.

One of Socitm’s member organisations has already benefited from this new tool.

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