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Adoption of AI and Automation -benchmarking pilot launched

Illustration of a smiling woman standing beside a large bar chart

On Monday 15 April Socitm launched the pilot of their new “Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Automation” benchmarking module.

This module has been developed to capture the investment currently being made in both artificial intelligence and automation by local authorities in the UK. It will examine the level of resource, in terms of staffing and spend, being applied to each technology and what results are being achieved. Additionally it will be comparing the governance processes that have been put in place and how participants are approaching risk mitigation.

It is hoped that this pilot will be able to join Socitm’s other annual benchmarks and give organisations a guide on whether they need to adjust their approach to these technologies.

The pilot consists of 10 organisations comprising county councils, metropolitan boroughs and district councils. Additional places have been reserved for any London boroughs or Scottish councils that wish to be involved.

Once all responses are received in early June, they will be analysed by Socitm and become available to both pilot participants and any future participants via an anonymised Power BI report.

Following a review of the process and questions, it is intended to make this new module available to all public sector organisations in early July.

If you would like to know more about this pilot or other benchmarking modules, please contact the team on