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Location intelligence

Illustration showing woman standing holding a laptop. Behind her is a cityscape with location markers on various buildings.

Videos and supporting information

The five videos in this series are designed to help you communicate, design and implement the concepts of location Intelligence.

Location intelligence is about analysing location information – a position in space and time, to enable better planning, decision making and understanding of any policy or operational task in which answering the question “where” is important.

To watch the videos without supporting material, visit our Vimeo showcase.


This video is designed for sharing with senior decision makers to raise their awareness of the value of location intelligence.

Case studies

We highlight representative case studies that span many local public service functions and outline the potential value of their implementation.

The business case

Why we need a business case and the best approach to developing a business case for investing in location intelligence.

How to Guide - Realising the benefits

We bring the ideas together and walk you through a series of stages to help turn potential it offers as part of digital transformation into reality.

Enabling technology

The video explains how accessible sources of highly accurate location data that reduce the costs of implementing location intelligence.