Be part of the next Top Talent training cohort in Essex on 24 and 25 June

Grow. Share. Lead

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Our Leadership Academy development programmes are designed and delivered in partnership with QA training. They harness, stretch and promote the talents and skills essential to successful contemporary leadership.

Graduation from our Leadership Academy automatically makes you part of a unique network of influential thinkers with the collective power to make impactful and game-changing decisions within the public sector.

For those undertaking an academy programme, this is the first stage of the Lead development cycle. Enrolling on this pathway of personal and professional growth introduces cohorts to the pillars of successful leadership.

Cultivating future leadership is essential to the public sector. It’s integral to ensuring the long-term stability of service delivery in a climate of increasing disruption. That’s why Socitm has launched a mentoring programme.

As well as retaining talent, our sector needs to attract it. In a constantly evolving climate, fresh-thinking, new approaches and increasingly diverse input is required to keep pace with change.

Attracting enthusiastic and passionate people to careers in the public sector is an integral part of Socitm Lead’s vision and objective.

To discover more about Socitm Lead, download our prospectus. To register your interest in our mentoring initiative, email: