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Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Socitm

AI@Socitm is an online collection of resources directly from the Socitm Institute.

Unlock AI excellence: explore cutting-edge research, policy guidance, skills development and responsible practices for public service leaders.

The aim is to facilitate skill acquisition but also promote a deeper understanding of the practical applications of AI across various public services.

AI@Socitm Hub – what is it?

It’s a centralised hub in which you’ll find the latest research papers, cutting-edge studies and insights in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Whether you’re a leader, manager, practitioner, or enthusiast, this resource will keep you current in a rapidly-changing technological landscape.

It’s a place to learn, collaborate, and stay informed about breakthroughs. Keeping the culture of continuous learning alive.

AI in the wider Socitm community

The online collection serves as a catalyst for fostering a vibrant and collaborative community. And works in partnership with the LGA AI Network.

Here, you and other local authority professionals can engage, share insights, and collaborate on projects.

This sense of community is invaluable. It encourages the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices. All ultimately contributing to the collective intelligence of the AI community and the online collection of resources. 

How are you using AI?

For AI adoption among Socitm members and the whole local public service community, the collection plays a crucial role by offering resources on ethical considerations, security challenges and governance frameworks.

As AI technologies continue to advance, the importance of responsible and secure use becomes paramount. The curated content give you and your organisations with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the ethical dimensions of AI, ensuring its deployment aligns with societal values and mitigates potential risks. 

In essence, our online collection of AI resources serves as a multifaceted tool, empowering individuals and organizations across the spectrum of AI adoption.

Whether one is a researcher seeking the latest advancements, a professional honing skills, or an public services leader navigating ethical considerations, the collection’s value lies in its ability to consolidate, organise and deliver the diverse array of resources needed to thrive in the dynamic landscape of AI and its responsible use. 

Browse Socitm’s AI collection

In each theme you’ll find research, webinars, impact cases, relevant upcoming Socitm events and training, external training, and external links:

Here are some highlights. What are yours?
Opportunities and threats
External link AI – Threats and Opportunities (St George’s House)
Leadership and governance
White paper: AI: what senior leaders in local government should know
Responsible and secure use of AI
Infographic: Using GenAI Large Language Models – Do’s and Don’ts
Skills and competencies
Training: Microsoft Change Agent (Manager)

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