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Socitm app

Socitm has partnered with governmentM to provide a bespoke app for the iOS, Android and HTML5 platforms. The app provides information about Socitm, along with news updates and easy access to Socitm services. The app is also provides live information on key Socitm events, such as conferences, as they happen.

We will be developing the app on an ongoing basis so that it provides a useful resource for busy Socitm members on the move.

Socitm mobile app being used

The app can be downloaded to your preferred platform from here. There is also a fully responsive HTML5  web version.

Socitm has developed this app to provide information not only about its main conferences, but also more general information about our range of services too.

To do this, the app uses different profiles which you can move between to get the most relevant information for you. When an event is live, there will be a quick-swap tile available on your home profile.