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Share National – Service Design & Transformation 2021

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Service design and transformation

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Chair: Huw McKee

How do you design and deliver your services?

As dedicated public service providers, Socitm members know better than anyone the step change experienced by local government and the most vulnerable in your community over the past 18 months. Register for this Share National conference to get even better at what you do.

With support from experts at Microsoft (and elsewhere) our sessions will invigorate and inspire you and your team – to refine processes, research, and delivery to build trust into all links of the service design chain. You already have the community knowledge. Knowing what you need to achieve at the end is the best place to start – with the end results already in mind you and your team can then be led to the right solution. This could be re-purposing something you already have or making use of something completely new for the first time.

Discover valuable ideas and make new connections with the best of the Socitm network.

Share National – Service Design & Transformation 2021 event

Meet the Speakers

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Huw McKee

Huw McKee

Head of IT & Digital Transformation, Conwy County Borough Council
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  1. Agenda Session 1
    1. 9:30 am |
      Welcome and introductions

      Huw McKee, Head of Information Technology and Digital Transformation, Conwy County Borough Council

      Huw will set us up for a morning thinking about our users and how we all experience public services. There’s not always a single way to complete a job, there’s no single way to support communities. Our needs range from simple to complex. Are we now in the best position to try to identify those needs more effectively than ever before? And then to support people in the easiest way we can?

    2. 9:40 am |
      Transforming services around people and place

      Professor Donna Hall CBE, Chair of the New Local Government Network and Bolton NHS Foundation Trust 

      Our keynote guest speaker is chair of the New Local Government Network, chair of the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and a non-executive advisor to Birmingham City Council. Professor Hall is championing the move away from simplistic one-size-fits all public services. We’ve always had local solutions, but this past 18 plus months has shifted them into the spotlight and they’re not moving back.

    3. 10:00 am |
      A people first perspective


      Join Microsoft as they share their thoughts and experience on focussing on the end user, when it comes to service design. Too often the technical solution and resulting process suits the organisation but leads to a poor experience for the person on the end of it. Find out how Microsoft challenge this to ensure a people first perspective.

    4. 10:20 am |
      Behaviour Change is at the heart of all digital transformation

      Stephen Donajgrodzki, Director Behavioral Science, Kellogg Company | Alison Wilde, Co-Founder, Birdsoup

      Behaviour Change is at the heart of all digital transformation – citizens, customers, staff, partners and stakeholders almost always have to change their behaviour and many do not enjoy the experience. We discuss how using behavioural science to not just understand the end user, but your staff and stakeholders, provides better outcomes for all.

    5. 10:40 am |
      Enable Citizen Access: Modernised Digital Identity for Local Government

      Nick Caley, Vice President – United Kingdom, Eire, Middle East & Africa, ForgeRock

      In the post-pandemic reality, Councils are coming under increasing pressure to meet changing Citizen expectations. Digital services are fast becoming the primary channel of engagement, creating multiple accounts, platforms, and access journeys. The desire for seamless, personalised, and secure Citizen experiences is no longer the preserve of the private sector. Meanwhile, the risks of fraud and cybersecurity attack expose Councils to long-term reputational damage.

      Learn how modernising Citizen Identity and Access Management capabilities can help Councils:
      • Improve Citizen experiences to streamline, personalise, simplify access across a myriad of local services
      • Reduce implementation costs to unify digital identity across multiple identity stores at pace
      • Mitigate fraud and cybersecurity risks while ensuring Citizen data and privacy is protected from emerging threats

    6. 11:00 am |
      Networking break

      Grab a tea or coffee, take a breather and the opportunity to virtually mingle and network.

    7. 11:15 am |
      Delivering digital transformation with document solutions

      Canon & Top Talent Manchester 2021 Cohort

      A key element of the Top Talent programme is project work – applying what’s being learnt straightaway. They split into small groups and independently they create a project proposal and plan that could be implemented in any of their organisations. The Manchester cohort received a brief, from Canon’s David Crichton, centred around digital transformation.

      Find out how the three groups approached and answered the challenge:

      • Why and how are you changing your print services and document management?
      • Do you target all business processes or one in particular?
      • How will you know it’s worked and how will you prepare people for the change?
    8. 11:45 am |
      Partner Showcase

      Canon | IP Performance 

      Meet two of your membership partners for a run through of the people and products and ideas that could best help you and your team. Canon and IP Performance have just 10 minutes each to run through their company history, backgrounds, expertise, products/services, case studies and field your questions. Join your freindly and expert membership partners and see what you can learn. Will you make a valuable new connection in just 10 minutes?

    9. 11:55 am |
      Panel session: Transforming services around people and place

      Nadira Hussain, Director of Leadership, Development and Research, Socitm (Chair) | Professor Donna Hall CBE, Chair of the New Local Government Network and Bolton NHS Foundation Trust | Stephen Donajgrodzki, Director Behavioral Science, Kellogg Company 

      Hear from the panel who will discuss how the answers to Covid recovery are found with and within the community. A place based approach to problem solving will ensure people are brought into the decision making process. Does this increase citizen engagement and ownership of intended outcomes?

    10. 12:35 pm |
      Chairs closing remarks

      Huw McKee, Head of Information Technology and Digital Transformation, Conwy County Borough Council

  2. Agenda Session 2
    1. 9:30 am |
      Welcome and introductions

      Huw McKee, Head of Information Technology and Digital Transformation, Conwy County Borough Council

      For our second and final morning session, Huw will kick off our presentations and conversations around technology. As with yesterday, is there always a single solution? And again our own experiences of learning about and keeping up with technology can mirror that of our communities. Do people and empathy need to play a bigger role in our choices and application of technology?

    2. 9:40 am |
      Digital transformation: start small and go big

      Nicola Harvey, Chief Officer – Director Customer & Digital Services at The City of Edinburgh Council

      Transformation is a term we’re all used to, it could even be classed as ‘business as usual’. But when it’s prioritised and delivered at pace, what journey does the authority and its people go through? The City of Edinburgh Council will answer this and more, when they take us through their service redesign journey, during what promises to be a fascinating keynote speach.

    3. 10:00 am |
      The Covid-19 pandemic brought digital inequalities into sharper focus.

      Socitm Advisory & Microsoft

      Households with decent hardware and broadband connectivity were more easily able to switch to distance learning and working from home. People familiar with digital technologies were better-placed to set up home grocery deliveries, socialise by video call and generally navigate a world moved hurriedly online.
      Despite public sector efforts, in general those who most needed support during the pandemic were those least-equipped to do so digitally.
      This has not only applied to those with no access to technology but also to those with inadequate technology, such as smartphones with screens not large enough to use for home-schooling and homeworking, or internet connections that could not support video meetings.

      Accelerated adoption of digital technologies has been achieved for many, but for others it’s merely exacerbated existing inequalities. As the immediate public health crisis recedes, technology leaders are looking at how to bridge these gaps. Our workshop will consider how to contruct these bridges and elimate the gaps. Develop an approach which puts the citizen at the centre of your transformation thinking and work. For citizens who have fallen into these digital gaps, what the best ways to reach them, to enthuse them and take them along on the journey?

    4. 11:00 am |
      Networking break

      Grab a tea or coffee, take a breather and the opportunity to virtually mingle and network.

    5. 11:15 am |
      Learn more about the low code/no code Salesforce platform


      Salesforce is more than a CRM for commercial companies to track their sales funnels. Salesforce for local government offers a single source of contact to and from all your stakeholders – citizens, employees, local businesses etc. As local public service providers slowly emerge from this pandemic phase the question remains, to what extent do we revert back to the old way of working versus embracing the new? Digital technology surely has a pivotal role to play. How do we ensure efficiency without compromising service quality to citizens? Discover what other councils are doing, and how they’re working with Salesforce.

    6. 11:45 am |
      Digital technology to enable change and drive employee engagement

      Chris Oldham, Director – Government & Education, Citrix

      When it comes to putting strategic digital deployments at the forefront of their delivery models, some councils still appear to be at a crossroads. From the employment of a chief digital officer to the measurement of staff engagement and productivity through technology, there doesn’t appear to be a clear consensus on the pathway forwards in terms of deploying digital technology in a strategic way and measuring how it is enabling real change.

      In today’s post-Covid landscape, citizens are more accustomed to digital-first services than ever before, so it is imperative councils continue to innovate and improve service delivery. Chris will discuss this topic and how retaining digital skills within the organisation, as well as employing senior digital leaders, will be a critical component to do so.

    7. 12:15 pm |
      Chairs closing remarks

      Huw McKee, Head of Information Technology and Digital Transformation, Conwy County Borough Council

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