Meet us in London on 19 October for a conference tackling what, why and how to use technology and data

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Ethical and Secure Use of Emerging Technologies and Data 2022


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Theme – Ethical and Secure Use of Emerging Technologies and Data

LocationDe Vere Grand Connaught Rooms

We talk about data and technology all the time. There’s always more. We have to manage it, secure it and let it help us. Neither data nor technology need to be reams of seemingly meaningless numbers or words. How we look at and present data will help us to learn, better understand and let it direct us to what works.

Join us and your Socitm community at this conference to share and learn how:

  • to understand and promote the ethical, responsible, and secure use of technologies
  • data is generated and stored, and the processes and interactions they enable
  • in practical terms, what we mean by ethics and how we apply them
Ethical and Secure Use of Emerging Technologies and Data 2022 event

Meet the speakers

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Photo of Sue Daley

Sue Daley

Director Technology & Innovation, TechUK
Sue Daley Linkedin Sue Daley's Linkedin (opens in new tab)
Yogita Popat

Yogita Popat

Assistant Director of Sustainability & Insight, London Borough of Barnet
Photo of Paul Withers

Paul Withers

Data Protection Manager, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
Paul Withers Linkedin Paul Withers's Linkedin (opens in new tab)
Photo of Milly Zimeta

Dr Mahlet (Milly) Zimeta

Head of Public Policy, Open Data Institute
Dr Mahlet (Milly) Zimeta Linkedin Dr Mahlet (Milly) Zimeta's Linkedin (opens in new tab)
Photo of Michael Litterick

Michael Litterick

Innovation and Insight Lead Consultant, Socitm Advisory
Michael Litterick Linkedin Michael Litterick's Linkedin (opens in new tab)
Photo of Paul Bright

Paul Bright

Sales Account Manager, IP Performance
Paul Bright Linkedin Paul Bright's Linkedin (opens in new tab)


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  1. Agenda Session 1
      Day 1
    1. 9:00 am |

      You will be warmly welcomed by Socitm at the registration desk where you can sign in and receive your delegate pass. You’re then free to start networking as well as helping yourself to refreshments – including breakfast pastries.

    2. 10:00 am |
      Welcome and introduction

      Mark Lumley, Director Digital & IT, London Borough of Hounslow

      Socitm vice-president Mark Lumley will make us all welcome, run through the practical housekeeping, and share his thoughts on this critical area of transformation and innovation, along with introducing our first keynote speaker.

    3. 10:30 am |
      Workshop: Creating a brighter future

      How do we bring people, companies and organisations together to realise the positive outcomes data and technologies can create?
      Join us to work out how your organisation helps to creates a better future for society, the economy and the planet.

    4. 11:30 am |
      Evidence based decision-making to improve the lives of our residents

      Yogita Popat, Assistant Director of  Sustainability & Insight, London Borough of Barnet

    5. 11:50 am |
      What part does the private sector play?

      What can we achieve together? Hear the latest innovation you can adapt and adopt for your organisation.

    6. 12:00 pm |
      Networking lunch

      It’s time to eat and greet as we reflect on the morning’s programme over lunch. This is an opportunity to continue the conversation as we come together with our partners and enjoy further food for thought.

    7. 1:00 pm |
      Post lunch recap

      Mark Lumley, Director Digital & IT, London Borough of Hounslow

      Join Mark as he recaps on the morning session and leads us through a few exercises to make sure we’re fit, energised and ready for the afternoon session. Not to be missed and a firm favourite at our conferences!

    8. 1:05 pm |
      Collaborating for success

      Paul Bright, Sales Account Manager, IP Performance | David Crichton, Sector Director, Canon

      Doing it right: ethical and secure use of technologies and data. Hear from outside the local government space to help you and your organisation.

    9. 1:15 pm |
      Why experience is the new battlefield for IT

      Nigel Martin, CRO, Hornbill

      IT in the UK public sector is going through a period of fascinating change, indeed the one constant is change itself and everyday it is getting louder. Constrained by legacy systems, resource challenges and frameworks designed to maintain the status quo, the sector is struggling to transform. IT leaders are researching and commissioning workstreams on digital transformation, IT strategy, self service, and workflow automation at three times the level than ever before.
      Hornbill, Europe’s leading Enterprise Service Management vendor will provide insights into the industry’s largest research program which since January 2020 collects 7 million data points each week across 1800 UK public sector organisations analysing more than 2500 IT topics. If you want to know what the latest challenges are and what you must prepare your team for next …

    10. 1:45 pm |
      Panel session: Ethical use of data

      Mark Lumley, Director Digital & IT, London Borough of Hounslow (Chair) | Paul Withers, Data Protection Manager, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council | Dr Mahlet (Milly) Zimeta, Head of Public Policy, Open Data Institute | Nick Chapallaz , Managing Director, GeoPlace 

      What procedures and safeguards do you have to responsibly guide your use of data?

      Public sector organisations like yours, collect and keep a huge amount of information. And using this information is vital to offer people the right support at the right time. But keeping this information secure and not overstepping the mark is also vital.

      Our panellists will explore how

      • they (and you) can use data to target your work and secure better outcomes for people
      • to use the power of data. But use it wisely.
      • not to get overwhelmed by digital ethics
    11. 2:30 pm |
      Networking break

      It’s time to gather our thoughts from this afternoon sessions over refreshments and snacks. This is an opportunity to connect with fellow colleagues both from the public and private sector.

    12. 3:00 pm |
      Industry insight

      Hear from industry best practise to support the evolution of your organisation’s technology journey. Don’t leave anyone behind!

    13. 3:10 pm |
      The Future for our Children

      Michael Litterick, Innovation and Insight Lead Consultant, Socitm Advisory

      Decisions ripple. Decisions we make today shape the reality of tomorrow. Decisions about how we use technology and data, how we shape and run our organisations and the cultures we promote will all determine the future of both our work and social environments.

      As technology leaders we are at the forefront of these decisions. This talk briefly covers the main trends and forces shaping the future and some of the resulting possibilities. It has the aim of helping us answer the following question: “When we have run our race and hand over the reins to the next generation, will we do so with a sense of pride or a sense of shame?”

    14. 3:40 pm |
      Top Talent London 2022: New ways of working in a hybrid workplace delivering digital transformation with document solutions

      An empowering end to our conference should not to be missed, when we will hear from our latest Top Talent cohort. The London group will debrief their hard work looking at harnessing data to transform services and achieving better place-based outcomes.

    15. 4:20 pm |
      Closing remarks

      Mark Lumley, Director Digital & IT, London Borough of Hounslow

      On behalf of us all Mark will reflect on a significant conference for Socitm and bring proceedings to a close.

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