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Modernising Service Delivery 2022

This event has now finished

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Theme – Modernising Service Delivery

Location – Holiday Inn Manchester City Centre

We’re all involved in modernising service delivery. We all want to give the very best experiences to our citizens. But with an ever-increasing pressure on staff and budgets, is it realistic? What actions can we all take to not only make positive changes in our organisations but also make them stick? Join your Socitm community to unpack all this to gain learnings and insights on:

  • Why innovation gains traction when there is organisational collaboration to create ‘what works’ and ‘what needs’ to change.
  • Evolving continuous improvement through creating and supporting an empowerment culture.
  • Demonstrating how to equip managers with the tools, skills and confidence to deliver new service patterns.
  • Techniques to champion inclusivity to benefit from a variety of different perspectives.



Welcome & Introduction

Identity as an enabler to transform citizen services and better access to digital services

Compassionate and empowering leadership in a time of crisis

Measuring Performance Improvement; So essential yet so avoided, why?

Top Talent Manchester – The Movers

Top Talent Manchester – The Shakers

Modernising Service Delivery 2022 event
This event has now finished

For any questions or enquiries, please get in touch with our events team.

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Meet the speakers

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Photo of Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Director of Transformation & Digital (SIRO), Walsall Council
Event chair Carol Williams Linkedin Carol Williams's Linkedin (opens in new tab)

Nick Butcher

Public Sector Account Executive - Okta
Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson

Director of Member Services, Socitm
Dave Sanderson Linkedin Dave Sanderson's Linkedin (opens in new tab)

Janice Freeman-Phillips

DaTS Programme Manager, Walsall Council

Helen Watkinson

Interim Head of Information and Insight, Shropshire Council
Photo of Michael Litterick

Michael Litterick

Innovation and Insight Lead Consultant, Socitm Advisory
Michael Litterick Linkedin Michael Litterick's Linkedin (opens in new tab)

Sam Ali

Digital Projects Manager - Newport City Council
Sam Ali Linkedin Sam Ali's Linkedin (opens in new tab)
Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis

Chief Operating Officer, SRS Shared Resource Service
Matt Lewis Linkedin Matt Lewis's Linkedin (opens in new tab)

Phillipa Nazari

Assistant Director Information Governance and Data Protection Officer - Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Rachel Barker

Director of Service Excellence - Socitm Advisory

Phil Swan

Director of Digital, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Lynsey Bissell

Head of Service, Business Insights (Hub) - Walsall Council

Samantha Turnbull

Digital Project Officer - Newport City Council

Kerrie O’Brien

DaTs Project Manager - Walsall Council

James Winterbottom

Director of Digital Leisure & Wellbeing - Wigan Council


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  1. Agenda Session 1
      Day 1
    1. 9:30 am |

      You will be warmly welcomed by Socitm at the registration desk where you can sign in and receive your delegate pass. You’re then free to start networking as well as helping yourself to refreshments – including breakfast pastries.

    2. 10:00 am |
      Welcome and introduction

      Carol Williams, Director of Transformation & Digital, Walsall Council

      Socitm vice-president Carol Williams will make us all welcome, run through the practical housekeeping, and share her thoughts on this critical area of transformation and innovation, along with introducing our first keynote speaker.

    3. 10:10 am |
      Building strong foundations for the future of Information and Data

      Phillipa Nazari, Assistant Director IG and Data Protection Officer, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

      An approach to information asset management is key to modernising delivery! Hear how an IAM approach is building strong foundations and transforming the approach to information and data at GMCA and TfGM.

    4. 10:30 am |
      Identity as an enabler to transform citizen services and better access to digital services

      Jas Sagoo, Senior Director of Solutions Engineering, Okta

      Balancing modernisation with legacy processes and budget constraints is not easy. Come and learn how Okta is helping deliver a seamless digital citizen experience that is convenient, compliant and secure, powering transformation projects that drive local governments and departments forward.

    5. 11:00 am |
      Compassionate and empowering leadership in a time of crisis

      James Winterbottom, Director – Digital, Leisure and Wellbeing Services, Wigan Council 

      What do the current challenges and demands facing our sectors mean for compassionate and inclusive leadership? How as leaders can we foster a culture of empowerment and innovation? How do we maintain a strong organisational culture in a hybrid world?  These big questions and more will be discussed in Alison’s thought-provoking workshop session.

    6. 11:50 am |
      Private Sector View

      Paul Bright, IP Performance
      Lyndon Fraser, Google

      Our commercial partners get chance to provide the latest on what mattters to us most.

    7. 11:55 am |
      Networking Lunch

      It’s time to eat and greet as we reflect on the morning’s programme over lunch. This is an opportunity to continue the conversation as we come together with our partners and enjoy further food for thought.

    8. 1:00 pm |
      Partner Workshop Sessions

      All partners host their own workshops on their tables

    9. 1:30 pm |
      Measuring Performance Improvement; So essential yet so avoided, why?
      Michael Litterick & Rachel Barker, Socitm Advisory

      Improving performance. Our organisations are under constant pressure to improve both the way they change and the impact that change makes.  How do our organisations know that they are improving? We often use approaches like “lessons learnt” and “benefits realisation”.  Unfortunately, research shows that the most frequent lesson learnt is that we don’t learn lessons and that rarely are the benefits of benefits realisation realised.  Why is this the case? In this talk we explore the challenges inherent in measuring the improvement of performance, we then look at how those challenges can be addressed, and how practical and effective measuring of performance improvement can be implemented

    10. 1:50 pm |
      Public Sector Panel Session
      Dave Sanderson, Socitm (chair)
      Lynsey Bissell, Walsall
      Helen Watkinson, Shropshire
      Phil Swan, GMCA
      Sam Ali, Newport

      Always a big draw at our events. Public sector colleagues from a variety of oragnisations and view points tackle the most pressing issues we face as a sector. Expect strong views and to learn something new from this session!

    11. 2:35 pm |
      Networking Break

      It’s time to gather our thoughts from this afternoon’s sessions over refreshments and snacks. This is an opportunity to connect with fellow colleagues both from the public and private sector.

    12. 3:05 pm |
      Top Talent Manchester - Designing customer centric responsive customer services

      Developing our own people is so important so don’t miss the hugely feel good presentation. The latest cohort from our Top Talent will describe the learning and development journey they have been on. The team work they’ve forged, the problems they’ve solved and what they’ll use back in their organsiations as a result.

    13. 3:45 pm |
      Retention Panel

      Carol Williams, Walsall (Chair)
      Matt Lewis, SRS
      Janice Freeman-Phillips, Walsall
      Kerrie O’Brien, Walsall
      Samantha Turnbull, Newport

      Retention is critical if the staffing crisis in local government is to be faced head on. What can we do to make sure we keep our people?

    14. 4:20 pm |
      Closing Remarks

      Carol Williams, Director of Transformation & Digital, Walsall Council

    15. 4:30 pm |


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