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Change Agent facilitators training programme 2022


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The Change Agent programme is a collaboration between Microsoft, Socitm and every public sector body we work with.

Our aim is to train at least one person in every public sector service to be a catalyst for change, connecting them with others in similar roles to innovative create communities of practice.

The Change Agent programme is designed to work alongside existing change efforts, with some authorities planning to use this as their main catalyst for change.

The programme benefits from facilitators to localise the content. Essentially, if you have a change team, ICT trainers, business partners, or any staff engaged in supporting your organisation to transform in some way – they will be good candidates to support the programme.

Facilitators – Staff to localise the programme and support your Change Agents.

This one-day course only needs to be undertaken by a facilitator once. It will support them to coordinate the sessions and details their role in the week.

  • AM – we’ll work through the schedule for the courses and identify where the facilitators will need to input – things like breakout rooms.
  • PM – we’ll support the facilitators with training to be able to facilitate conversations, teach them about learning styles and discuss effective teamwork.
Change Agent facilitators training programme 2022 event

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Andrew Boxall

Client Technology Lead, Microsoft
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Our events are open to everyone and relevant to all levels of staff, from new joiners right through to senior executives. This creates a vibrant mix which promotes innovation, sharing of best practice and drives the modernisation of public services.

Our events are included in our membership and partnership packages. A fee may apply for non-members. Please see event details for more information.

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