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Trust! Do we really need it?

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Date & time

  1. 13 July 2022 13:00 - 14:00



When it comes to accessing our I.T. Systems, a Zero Trust approach is vital for everyone’s security. However when it comes to managing our relationships with our stakeholders, service providers and colleagues, does building and maintaining trust in fact matter?

Research shows that a feeling of trust is very enjoyable, it releases the hormone oxytocin in our brains and it gives a sense of well-being, but is it important in a commercial sense? Well, research suggests it is. In one interesting experiment, negotiators given artificial doses of oxytocin were reaching win/win agreements with their counterparts more often.

In this session, Aidan will draw on the concept of the ‘speed of trust’ and why we shouldn’t leave building trust to chance.

An absence of trust can incur significant cost on personal and organisational levels, so Aidan will share some tips and ideas on what we can do to build, maintain and also regain trust, if it has been lost.


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