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Date & time

  1. 22 June 2022 13:00 - 14:00



Nowhere has the change in working practices as a consequence of Covid 19 been more impactful than in Local Government. From a culture of maximum attendance for all staff in Civic Centres and Town Halls, the situation changed overnight. The good news for most is that the remote working technologies that had been seldom used came into their own and, guess what….actually worked pretty well. To the extent that over two years down the line it is also marked how many local authorities still have the majority of staff working remotely. So how do the Council leaders, including IT, reconcile the new paradigm and get the best out of their people? Do you want them back in the office at all?

As a specialist provider of managed network services to Local Government for the past 20 years, MLL Telecom has also seen a very significant change in how we connect to each other and get access to the information we need to work.  Network solutions today are all about connecting people, not premises. There has been a marked move away from the walled garden approach of multisite Wide Area Networks to an appetite for “Direct Internet Access” and “Zero Trust” security policies. But we also believe there is a need to get people together, we must continue to serve our communities face to face and there is clear evidence that we are often more productive where people have the choice of working remotely or being present in the office as part of a team.

In this webinar MLL will explore some of the IT challenges that the new ways working presents and how you might build solutions that take the best of what you already have and embrace the new world. We will explore the realities of delivering a quality service over low-cost internet connections, how we best equip our offices with WiFi or Private 5G solutions and whether you can go it alone or need a partner that can manage some or all of the service with you. We will include real customer examples to show how we are working with existing customers to help get the best out of their people and deliver to their communities.


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