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Top Talent (North East)

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Date & time

  1. 23 October 2024 09:30 - 16:30
  2. 24 October 2024 09:30 - 16:30
  3. 5 December 2024 09:30 - 16:30
  4. 6 December 2024 09:30 - 16:30


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Accelerating your career progress by harnessing and honing your leadership skills.

Technology is changing the way we deliver public services.

In these times of disruption, our sector needs leaders with vision, talent and insight. True leadership is about people, not processes. Effective leaders think critically, take risks, inspire others and innovate in order to affect change. 

This course is part of our Leadership Academy and is for people who have the talent and accountability to become outstanding leaders. Those who drive change through collaboration and passion. Top Talent encourages you to focus on your unique qualities, develop confidence in your own abilities and to create impact through action: empowering those around you to the betterment of all. 

Duration: Four days plus a coaching session
Sectors: Public and private
Career level: All career levels
Points worth: 4 points*

*Our courses are all worth a certain amount of points. Your membership package comes with an allocation of points to use throughout the year to suit the needs of your organisation.


This course is spread over approximately 10-12 weeks.

Top Talent is a collaborative experience. You’ll be able to share ideas, insight and inspiration with counterparts from other organisations during a series of sessions. You’ll also benefit from tailored one-to-one coaching and undertake a group challenge as a cohort. Using models, tools and case studies, you’ll work together to creatively devise dynamic solutions to real-life challenges, often set by third-party organisations who recognise the calibre of our Top Talent groups.  

The course concludes with a presentation at one of our events. This is when you’ll join your group to present your research and conclusions to our delegates and, subsequently, be recognised for your achievements during an official graduation ceremony. You’ll then form part of a growing network of Leadership Academy alumni. This community supports peer–to–peer development and discussion and facilitates mentoring and leadership opportunities across the public sector.  

One-to-one coaching session

This course includes a session with an experienced, specialist coach helps you explore what drives and defines your professional approach, helping you to sculpt a style of leadership rooted firmly in integrity.

What means the most to you professionally? How does it impact upon you personally? When did you last make time to reflect?

Group project

We work closely with agencies and organisations to create opportunities for team working and collaborative problem solving. As part of Top Talent, you will be set a group challenge by a third–party agency and work together to develop a real-life solution that breaks new ground, challenges convention and creates conversation.


For the individual

  • Become a more confident, effective and inspirational leader
  • Identify and develop your unique leadership qualities 
  • Fulfil your ambitions and realise your career vision more quickly and fervently. 

For the organisation

  • Nurture, develop and retain leadership talent creating better outcomes 
  • Drive behavioural and sustained cultural change affecting positive engagement
  • Meet and fulfil targets more rapidly, holistically and satisfactorily. 


  1. 09:30 Group workshop day 1

    Outstanding leaders foster trust and loyalty in their teams, inspiring them to achieve amazing things. This workshop explores how factors including your beliefs and values, authenticity, thinking skills, empathy and verbal and non-verbal communication influence your person–centred approach to leadership.

    The topics we will cover are:

    • Welcome & introductions
    • Beliefs and values
    • Authenticity
    • Mind-set
    • Bias



It is important to note that we encourage applications from all job functions and all levels in the public sector. All are key to service transformation; including finance, planning, programme management, customer account management, social services, ICT, digital, HR etc.

We assume participants on the programme will:

  • Have some team leadership or management experience (we will accept applicants about to move into a first leadership role, depending on the sponsor support)
    Be motivated and ambitious to succeed as a leader of change
    Be willing to contribute to group discussions and presentations
    Be enthusiastic and open-minded
    Through their executive sponsor, be identified as a potential high-impact leader in the organisation

Other things to note:

  • A commitment to the whole programme is mandatory.
  • Participants must have good communication skills and be willing to contribute with enthusiasm and energy.
  • You will be expected to spend at least two hours in preparation time before each workshop.
  • Outside of the workshop modules, there will be a requirement to engage in a one-hour personal coaching session (via phone/Skype).
  • The programme is designed to minimise travel costs and time away from the office. Programme materials, refreshments and lunch are included. Travel and any accommodation required is the participant’s responsibility.
  • Overnight stays between consecutive workshop days are expected for networking and project work.
  • The programme attendees will be invited to attend one of our conferences to present the final group project and take part in a graduation ceremony during the evening dinner.
  • If any part of the programme cannot be attended, then the candidate will not graduate (exceptional personal circumstances will be considered of course).

Additional questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options and any other questions you might have.