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Share Scotland

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Date & time

  1. 18 November 2021 09:30 - 11:30
  2. 18 November 2021 13:00 - 14:30



Your people and places. The place-based regeneration revolution.

Share Scotland sessions will cover all Socitm’s policy themes to keep people and place at the heart of the presentations and takeaways.

Exasperation with failures in the national Covid-19 response has helped drive local collaboration. Top-down command and control approaches have failed the Covid-19 ‘stress test’. As a result, the true value of a local authority-led, place-based approach has come into sharper focus.

This approach is shifting from a needs-led to one that works with people before they get into crisis. It focuses on building trust through local public services design and delivery. Through community participation and engagement.

Part of this trust is being open within our organisations and our communities about what we’re going. What data we’re using, how and why we’re using it. Working with people and the complications that brings is central to designing services that meet and support needs.


Morning recordings – 

Afternoon recordings –


  1. 09:30 Welcome and Introductions

    Kevin White, Chair

    Kevin will run through the housekeeping, set the scene, share his thoughts and then introduce our first guest. Both of the sessions will have people and place at the centre as we join presentations and discussion reflecting on response to and moving on from Covid-19

  2. 09:40 Digital Citizen & public sector collaboration

    Geoff Huggins, Digital Director, Scottish Government

    The collaboration, innovation, and flexibility of Scotland’s Digital Strategy

  3. 10:00 Technology Enabled Care Data

    Jerry Hall, Client Services Director

    Jerry will share some of the work Socitm Advisory have been doing with councils around Technology Enabled Care (TEC) and some thinking around a model that demonstrates how councils and their partners can begin harnessing the potential of their TEC data

  4. 10:20 The Immediate Future – “DO” Change

    Martyn Wallace, Chief Digital Officer, Digital Office

    Martyn will update on the significant upcoming changes in the Digital Office and how this new phase will align to emerging strategic priorities post Covid.

  5. 10:40 From Automation to Zedonks: the forces shaping the future of work

    Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, BT

    With blurb as Automation was supposedly the force reshaping the future of work – turns out it wasn’t technology, but a virus which disrupted everything. The digital workplace is changing and there are significant implications for employees, offices, and skills people need in an increasingly automated, remote, globalised workforce.

    This session will cover the forces that are shaping the emerging digital workplace, based on research from MIT, London Business School, Cambridge University and Lancaster University, as well as practical lessons from BT and firms in many sectors across the world. It will also explore the hype around ‘hybrid’ work and the implications of divorcing work from both space and time.

  6. 11:00 Top Talent

    Codemantra and Top Talent Edinburgh 2021 Cohort

    A key element of the Top Talent programme is project work – applying what’s being learnt straightaway. They split into small groups and independently they create a project proposal and plan that could be implemented in any of their organisations. Codemantra ( AI-powered IDP) set the brief for this year’s final cohort centred around digital accessibility.

  7. 11:30 BREAK


  8. 13:00 Welcome back

    Kevin White, Chair

    Kevin will run through the housekeeping, set the scene, share his thoughts on the morning and then introduce this afternoon’s first guest – but does she need any?!

  9. 13:05 Accessing local democracy

    Jackie Weaver, Chief Officer, Cheshire Association of Local Councils 

    Hear and learn from Jackie who will talk from a personal perspective on the challenges of ensuring local democracy continued during lockdown. What changes were established, what were the benefits and challenges,  and what are the opportunities and what are the threats that lie ahead. Huge changes are taking place in our communities but Jackie will present a case for always thinking about people who are accessing services and what their needs are. Why now more than ever we need to keep people and services at the heart of everything we do.

  10. 13:25 Ethical Digital Nation

    Martin Ferguson & William Barker, Socitm

    This session will take delegates through the Socitm Recovery and Resilience model and how it can support place-based recovery and resilience through addressing the ethical change issues that support healthy and well communities and build resilient and sustainable places for people and communities to thrive.

  11. 13:45 Elevator pitch

    Steven Elder, Check Point

  12. 13:50 Comparing in a spirit of cooperation, rather than competition

    Matthew Fraser, Socitm

    Comparisons, such as league tables, are often used negatively to highlight shortcomings.  But with a collaborative approach, comparisons can bring positive benefits, helping us to improve and progress.

    This session will provide an overview of how Socitm facilitates comparisons between organisations in a structured way, and also  explores some observations from recent benchmarking exercises.

  13. 14:05 The impact on people & place: benefits and continuing challenges

    Heather Robb, Chief Digital Officer, Edinburgh – Chair
    Steve Roud, Aberdeen City Council

    Susan Msalila, Shetland Islands
    Jane Fowler, Argyll & Bute

    The panel will consider the challenges that place places on local public service providers. Our geography is beautiful but does offer some of us and our communities more to manage.

  14. 14:25 Wrap up & close

    Kevin White, Chair

    Kevin’s final thoughts on today’s session and our look ahead to March’s Share Scotland 2022.


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