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Reimagining communities and places: a journey through data, technologies and service design


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Date & time

  1. 28 February 2024 09:30 - 15:30


Reimagining services and addressing complex social, economic and environmental issues lie at the heart of service design and transformation.

What you do, who you collaborate with, how you manage and deliver services, and how people experience them can change all the time. You could be scrapping a process and starting again, or tweaking something you redesigned a little while ago. Both projects need thought and testing, so they’re as effective and inclusive as they can be. For the parent who’s run out of data and the pensioner who doesn’t have a mobile phone let alone a smart one, how can they get stuff done?

What are you doing to make it easy for those that can, so you can have time for those that can’t?

Get to Sheffield to find people and partners who will have answers. Get back on track with that tricky service snag that just doesn’t get fixed.

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  1. 09:30 Registration

    A warm welcome will greet you at the Socitm registration desk where you can sign in and receive your delegate pass. You’re then free to start networking as well as helping yourself to refreshments – including breakfast pastries.

  2. 10:00 Chair's opening remarks

    Huw McKee, Head of IT and Digital Transformation, Conwy Council

    Huw will make us all welcome, run through the practical housekeeping, set the scene, share his thoughts and introduce our first keynote speaker.

  3. 10:10 Smart technology and the urban-rural digital divide

    Dr. Peter Dewhurst, Chair, Business Peak District

    Until recently, Dr. Dewhurst was the University of Derby’s Director of Strategic Projects, with a remit to engage closely with the public, private and third sector in supporting the development and implementation of place making strategies for Derby and Derbyshire. Peter’s work in championing place making initiatives continues through his roles as Chair of Business Peak District and the Peak District Partnership.

  4. 10:30 Transforming services through data and technology - a fireside chat

    Charlene Manning, Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services
    Robert Ling, Director of Transformation, North Yorkshire County Council
    Julian Patmore, Head of Operational Services, Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council

    Join us for an engaging fireside chat featuring Amazon Web Services, North Yorkshire Council and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Councils. They will be discussing ways in which local authorities are transforming services through use of data and digital technology.

  5. 11:10 Community Wealth Building

    Steve Wilson, Commercial Director , Commercial Services Group

    Steve Wilson will share how this innovative model has created over 100 new, local jobs, prioritised over 8,000 local residents into employment, engaged with care leavers and the third sector all while delivering over £3m back to the public purse, for reinvestment in local communities and frontline services.

    Commercial Services Group (wholly owned by Kent County Council) will talk about their experience of how collaboration and transformation can deliver significant community wealth building across the country. Working with partner councils Hampshire, Luton, Surrey, Dudley and Dorset to create stand alone joint venture companies, to insource contingent agency and interim staffing requirements into council owned companies.

  6. 11:30 Networking break

    It’s time to gather our thoughts from the morning sessions over refreshments and snacks. This is an opportunity to connect with fellow colleagues both from the public and private sector.

  7. 12:00 Innovation panel: Challenge LDN - poverty prevention

    Sandy Tung, Technology and Innovation Policy Lead, Greater London Authority
    Tom Barltrop, Co-founder and CEO, SuperFi
    Bela Prasad, Co-founder, MatchingMind
    Will Thompson, Co-founder, Plinth
    George Unsworth, Director, Mortar Works
    Askia Warne, Founder and Director, CAD-HR

    The Challenge LDN team works with communities to identify their biggest challenges. Then they invite innovators to come together to co-design solutions. The Mayor of London and his team at City Hall aim to support as many innovation projects as possible. We’ve brought together the Greater London Authority and 5 winning innovators from the Poverty Prevention Challenge. Each will receive up to £50,000 to scale up their prototypes to support Londoners at risk of falling into financial hardship. Hear from each innovator about their start-up company and how they are helping the community and people in it.

  8. 12:50 Networking lunch

    We know how important these sections of a conference are. It’s time to make new connections, say hello to colleagues across the sector you’ve not seen for some time and reflect on the morning’s programme over lunch. Keep the conversation going and enjoy further food for thought.

  9. 13:50 Morning session recap

    Huw McKee, Head of IT and Digital Transformation, Conwy Council

    Join Huw as he recaps on the morning session

  10. 14:00 Transforming access for wholesale service and security improvement

    Gregg Hardie, Head of Public Sector, Sailpoint Technologies
    Jake Maskell, Senior Sales Engineer, Sailpoint Technologies
    Richard Morris, Sales Lead: Law Enforcement / Local Government,Sailpoint Technologies

    Robust identity security isn’t just about reducing risk, it’s a key to unlocking efficient service transformation in local authorities. By ensuring the right people have access to the right data at the right time, identity solutions streamline processes and enable employees. Secure, centralised identity management allows for seamless application access, automation of human-driven procedures and vastly reduced wait times. Moreover, strong identity security safeguards sensitive information, building trust and encouraging wider adoption of digital services. This, in turn, frees up resources for local authorities to focus on innovation and personalised citizen experiences, ultimately transforming how communities interact with local authorities.

  11. 14:25 Igniting growth in people. Develop a project/initiative to attract more women into public sector IT roles.

    October’s Empowering Women cohort will present their research and projects.
    Their programme concludes with this final challenge which for some will be their first time presenting, let alone standing up in front of a room of conference delegates.
    The group has been split into two smaller teams so they can more easily collaborate, apply the theory and produce solutions.
    Please be a supportive audience to these talented (and nervous) graduates.

  12. 14:45 Taking an agile approach to Service Design with Cloud Technology & AI

    Andy Clark, Cloud Architect and Agile Lead, UK Public Sector at Oracle

    In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, local authorities in the UK face unique challenges in delivering efficient and citizen-centric services. The integration of cutting-edge technologies, particularly cloud infrastructure solutions, plays a pivotal role in reshaping the way public services are designed and delivered. This keynote explores how Cloud Technology along with a holistic service design approach can help to meet the specific needs of local authorities in the UK

  13. 15:05 Closing remarks

    Huw McKee, Head of IT and Digital Transformation, Conwy Council
    Nadira Hussain, CEO, Socitm

  14. 15:30 Close


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