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Date & time

  1. 3 February 2023 10:00 - 13:00



Theme: Climate Change and Sustainable IT

Our meetings can be face-to-face (with refreshments provided) or virtual (bring your own refreshments) and will be focused on Socitm’s policy themes. Within these themed meetings your regional committee is free to create an agenda that works best for you and your regional colleagues. If there’s something you would like to discuss or investigate with like-minded peers just let us know on and we will co-ordinate that with and for you.


  1. 10:00 Welcome & Introductions

    Heather Robb, Scotland Chair

  2. 10:05 Digital Office update

    Colin Birchenall, Digital Office

  3. 10:25 Sustainability Advocate, IGEL

    Ricky Milne, IGEL

    A little-known fact is that by far the most polluting aspect of an end-user estate is the manufacturing stage of PCs, laptops and thin client. Manufacturing alone is more than 5 times more polluting than electricity consumption for the majority of endpoints.

    Did you know that by replacing Windows on your endpoint estate you can breathe new life into devices up to 12 years old, continue realising value from your older assets, avoid the replacement costs associated with a device refresh and thus free up valuable budget?

  4. 10:45 Microsoft - Sustainable solutions

    Musidora Jorgenser, Microsoft 

  5. 11:05 Introduction to JISC

    Austin Wilson, JISC

  6. 11:25 Break


  7. 11:40 Socitm update

    Dave Sanderson, Socitm 

  8. 12:00 Considering sustainability in sourcing

    Mary Mitchell, Scotland Excel

  9. 12:20 Socitm partner elevator pitches


  10. 12:35 Introduction to Circularity First

    Louise Whittaker, Circularity First

  11. 12:55 Closing Remarks

    Heather Robb, Socitm Scotland

  12. 13:00 Close



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