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Improve Autumn Workshop: Virtual

Virtual (Teams)

This event has now ended.

Date & time

  1. 1 December 2022 14:00 - 16:30



This virtual workshop we will explore the key benchmarks identified across our four modules. During the group discussion of each metric, attendees will be able to learn from recent participants as they explain the circumstances behind their relative results.


** Please note this rescheduled from 6th October to 1st December **


  1. 14:00 Introduction

    Get to know your Improve consultant and fellow participants

  2. 14:05 Understanding your report

    Overview of how benchmarking metrics are presented and understood.

  3. 14:15 Did the Pandemic change things

    Discussion on whether the changes it forced ICT by the Covid-19 pandemic have impacted the views of the services in general.

  4. 14:35 Key results

    Highlighting metrics of specific interest from the last twelve months.


  5. 14:55 Break


  6. 15:05 Focus on Delivery & Governance

    Discussion of observation related to the way that ICT is being delivered across organisations.

  7. 15:30 Key observations on Cost

    Discussion of changes related to the cost efficiency of participants ICT.

  8. 15:55 Key observations on Performance

    Discussion of how well participants are delivering their services.

  9. 16:15 Communicating your results

    How you can use your results and findings



  10. 16:30 Farewell

    Workshop ends.


  • Matthew Fraser Matthew Fraser Technical Consultant, Socitm

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