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Friday Food for Thought: Hybrid Working Survey - The Results

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  1. 26 April 2024 13:00 - 14:00


  1. Teams

Our friends at Belbin have been studying virtual and hybrid teams since COVID. We already know that Team Role strengths can impact our attitude and approach to hybrid work.

In this webinar Victoria Brown, head of Research & Development at Belbin will share what they have discovered about how productivity and engagement have fared as our relationship to our working practices evolve. She will reveal the emerging problems, identified in the research, the potential of causing ‘silent fails’ in team performance, and how to address this.

On this webinar we will examine how organisations could be improve the experience of hybrid work through the lens of behavioural diversity, by exploring the benefits and challenges it presents for different Team Role groups. We presented our findings on the broader implications for teams, including onboarding and organisational culture.


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