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Northern Ireland


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Theme: Social Value and Project Assurance

Our meetings can be face-to-face (with refreshments provided) or virtual (bring your own refreshments) and will be focused on Socitm’s policy themes. Within these themed meetings your regional committee is free to create an agenda that works best for you and your regional colleagues. If there’s something you would like to discuss or investigate with like-minded peers just let us know on and we will co-ordinate that with and for you.

Northern Ireland event

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Paul Reihill

Programme Delivery Manager
Event chair


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  1. Agenda Session 1
      Day 1
    1. 9:30 am |
      Tea & Coffee


    2. 10:00 am |
      Welcome & Introductions


    3. 10:10 am |
      Overview of Public Procurement Note 01/21

      Framework for scoring social value and the use of Reserved Contracts.

      Lila Clarke, CPD

    4. 10:35 am |
      Scoring Social Value on ICT Contracts

      How to include social value as award criteria, ICT case studies and contract management.

      Andrea MacLean, Strategic Investment Board, Social Value Advisor for ICT Contracts 

    5. 10:55 am |
      Q & A


    6. 11:00 am |
      Tea & Coffee


    7. 11:15 am |
      Closing the Digital Divide in Northern Ireland

      Mark Bennett, NCIS Digital Inclusion Lead

    8. 11:40 am |
      Wired Up

      Overview of the Community Foundation and what the Third Sector needs.

      Roisin Woods (Chief Executive), Community Foundation 

    9. 12:05 am |
      Project Assurance

      Case study of how Project Assurance and robust testing has ensured successful delivery of a high risk project

      Jonny Mooney, Expleo

    10. 12:25 pm |
      Q & A


    11. 12:30 pm |
      Closing Remarks


    12. 12:40 pm |
      Lunch & Networking


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