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Shocking lack of female representation in LG revealed (again)

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By Max Salsbury

It’s not just in the ICT sector that local government is failing to employ enough women in leadership positions – the bit where it does its actual governance is sorely lacking, too, a think tank has revealed.

Shockingly, IPPR’s research shows that only 4% of the leadership of England’s newly devolved institutions (the combined authorities) are women – while there are no directly elected female mayors at all.

The report – Power to the People? – concludes that the huge disparity is caused by the lack of women becoming members of political parties, which is where IPPR say people begin their adventures into local government.

Just 38% of Labour Party members are women, while for the Conservatives the figure is only 36%.

To resolve the issue, IPPR recommends that political parties should collect and publish data on the representation of women and protected groups in relation to their membership. Additionally, local authorities should collect data on elected councillors, which, the IPPR says, could be achieved by amending section 106 of the Equality Act 2010 to include local government.

While we’re on the subject, it seems a good time to mention that we’ve still a few places left on our forthcoming Empowering Women in a Digital World programme. For an excellent insight into the course’s value, have a read of Samantha Smith’s (Head of Strategy and Architecture and Interim Director of IT Operations at Local Government Shared Services) experience. To book your place, please contact our events and projects manager Layla Flack on 01604 876 370, or email layla.flack@socitm.net

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