Briefing 103 - Commercialisation

Is commercialisation the answer to budget pressures?

The public sector is undergoing enormous disruption in terms of its changing markets and underlying funding. Its user base is changing rapidly through increased expectation, demand and advances in consumer technology, all against a background of continued austerity.

This is the first in a series of three articles looking at the commercial opportunities within the public sector. They set out to ask if commercialisation is really the solution to the ongoing budget pressures within the sector, exploring if it can trade its way out of austerity.

This first article will review the trading activities that exist across the public sector ICT services using responses from members to an online questionnaire. The article will detail the responses to the questions and draw conclusions about the current commercial and trading picture across the services.

The second article, building upon the first, will provide a broader investigation of the different methods used to trade, summarised to highlight what works, what does not, the skills that are required and how these can be developed. The third article will focus on competition within the public sector ICT market and its future potential. 

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