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The new era of flexible working paper looks to the future (O2)

From our partners at O2:

Recent events have put the flexible working agenda into fast-forward. Many organisations have rolled out large scale remote working policies – in a matter of weeks.

In the UK, one week before lockdown was brought into effect, O2’s flexible working research paper was in its data collection phase. 2,000 people gave their views on the future of flexible working. They were then able to continue collecting responses during the first week of lockdown.

More people are working from home than ever before. And after seeing the benefits first-hand, many workers and their employers would like to see more flexibility in their future. O2’s survey found that this transition to a more flexible way of working will have an impact that reaches way beyond the office. Changing where we live, how we communicate and the opportunities available to us.

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The flexible future of work